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Specialized in crafting scalable, efficient software solutions, focusing on high-availability systems, microservices, API integration, agile development, and data-driven design

Microservices Architecture Expertise

Designing scalable, efficient microservices for complex, distributed software systems.

Advanced API Development and Integration

Building and integrating sophisticated APIs for enhanced software interoperability and functionality.

Agile Development with Continuous Deployment

Implementing Agile methodologies and continuous deployment for efficient, iterative software development.

High-Availability System Development

Crafting robust software for critical operations with minimal downtime in demanding environments

TDD practitioner

As a way of ensuring high-quality easy to mantain solutions


Coming soon. Crafting.






Graphic Design


Who am I

Originating from the vibrant landscapes of southern Spain, I bring to the table almost a decade and a half of experience as a Senior Software Engineer. This journey, underpinned by a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a family background in the military, has shaped me into a professional with unwavering integrity, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence.

Professionally, I’ve carved a niche in the banking and gambling industries, armed with expertise in Java, Spring, JavaScript, Kubernetes, and Apache Kafka. My technical acumen is enriched by a leadership style that emphasizes team empowerment and the delivery of high-quality, dependable code.

Distinctive in my approach, I integrate my family’s values of discipline and precision in leading teams towards success. Joining your project, I offer not just a wealth of technical skills, but a partnership geared towards navigating complex challenges efficiently and transforming them into tangible achievements.

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